Saturday, 6 June 2009

show's over folks

The Graduate Show has now finished and this is what it looked like.
Above is the stop-motion exhibition, and below is my board.
In the middle I put a digital photo frame that played my showreel and the making of heartstrings on a loop. People seemed to like the puppets and it was fun to come in and see them in odd positions after they'd been moved around.
Here is the timelapse edited together to become 'The Making Of Heartstrings'. The music is some of Gareth's banjo fiddling during recording. Am I moving them or are they moving me?
I also fixed the pixely problem I had by re-editing the whole thing and exporting as an .avi. It looks alright now, all ready for festivals.

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  1. Looks ace - where can I see the finished animation?