Thursday, 11 March 2010

happy 1st birthday little blog

A year ago I started this production blog in the hope that it would get me a good mark when it came to university assessment. I would then discard it and start thinking, "well that degree was a bit of a waste of time...what now?". If I could go back and tell myself that exactly one year on from starting this blog I would begin a contract with an amazing company as a director, past me would laugh in my face and tell me to jog on as she is in danger of failing her degree if she doesn't get a wriggle on. If I tried to tell her that her film was up for a BAA she'd tell me that it must've been a very slow year for student films then. All this assumes that time travel is possible and the theory of the universe imploding if you speak to your past self is false.
It has been a busy month for Heartstrings what with it being on the British Animation Awards public choice tour. It told me the best day was when it was at the BFI and Jean-Pierre Jeunet was doing a Q&A screening of Micmacs next door. It has won some more awards at ScreenTest Festival, Stoke Your Fires and Animex.
Last year this award was won by For Sock's Sake by Carlo Vogele which I loved, and this festival has amazing judges so I'm so proud to have won it. I can't find any information about the trophy though. Wonder what that little man is all about? It is very heavy and so has moved in to first place for things in the flat to attack burglars with, pushing my shoe off the top spot.