Tuesday, 27 April 2010

sheep, sheep, sheep, crocodile...

The British Animation Awards came and went with a rushed visit to the BFI Southbank (which was quite fancy except for the toilets which reminded me of junior school). The student award went to Philip Bacon for Yellow Belly End, a very good film that was definitely more deserving than mine. I did get a mention in the public choice award for best film which made me very happy because it means I came at least 6th. Better than that, Heartstrings is on the DVD and it got a square on the cover that's not obscured by a sheep head.

Back in early March I was sent an e-mail from Animation Reporter magazine asking if I'd do an interview, as they were doing a piece on the festival Animated Exeter, where Heartstrings was commended in the student category. Of course I agreed and didn't really know what to expect, perhaps a small quote or little review. The magazine arrived in my post box yesterday and I was shocked to see an article. Hopefully it sounds like I know what I'm talking about.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

do imps have opposable thumbs?

This award arrived from Stoke Your Fires Festival of Animation. It's ceramic and has a little imp on top giving me the thumbs up…what's not to like? In amongst all the packing pellets was also a signed copy of the Animator's Survival Kit, the extended edition which I don't have. I feel sorry for my old copy as the new one is sat next to it smugly.
Heartstrings has been to LA. It was shown as part of a Flux Screening Programme at the Hammer Museum (founded by Dr. Armand Hammer, I kid you not) which is associated with UCLA. The new new OkGo video was shown and the band performed live after the screening. I say new new because strangely there is an old new video for the same song which I think I prefer. The cinema part of the Hammer Museum is the Billy Wilder Theater and its decor challenges the star lined ceiling of Chapter Cardiff. Watching Star Wars in there would be great! I hope Heartstrings stays out on tour for a while, there will be no living with it after this.
The amazing company I talked about in the last post is Partizan and I now have my own page on their website right above Michel Gondry. I suppose I should start being a bit professional now. Hmm…professionals usually have phones that do more than just phone people, this might be the place to start.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

happy 1st birthday little blog

A year ago I started this production blog in the hope that it would get me a good mark when it came to university assessment. I would then discard it and start thinking, "well that degree was a bit of a waste of time...what now?". If I could go back and tell myself that exactly one year on from starting this blog I would begin a contract with an amazing company as a director, past me would laugh in my face and tell me to jog on as she is in danger of failing her degree if she doesn't get a wriggle on. If I tried to tell her that her film was up for a BAA she'd tell me that it must've been a very slow year for student films then. All this assumes that time travel is possible and the theory of the universe imploding if you speak to your past self is false.
It has been a busy month for Heartstrings what with it being on the British Animation Awards public choice tour. It told me the best day was when it was at the BFI and Jean-Pierre Jeunet was doing a Q&A screening of Micmacs next door. It has won some more awards at ScreenTest Festival, Stoke Your Fires and Animex.
Last year this award was won by For Sock's Sake by Carlo Vogele which I loved, and this festival has amazing judges so I'm so proud to have won it. I can't find any information about the trophy though. Wonder what that little man is all about? It is very heavy and so has moved in to first place for things in the flat to attack burglars with, pushing my shoe off the top spot.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

confirmed...it was a real phone call

This little film now has two more awards to show for its travels. The Savannah International Animation Festival has named Heartstrings 'Best Student Film' and... amazingly...'Best In Show'. The festival directors, Hal and Nancy Miles, were kind enough to call me all the way from Georgia with the news just after Christmas. Hal also informed me that his mentor is Ray Harryhausen so it's likely he will get to see it. Needless to say I was speechless and I still am.

The trophies are praxinoscopes handmade by Hal and I can't wait to see them. It's the first year of the festival and it sounds like lots of fun so I regret not being able to attend. There was free popcorn, a milk and cookies Saturday morning screening of vintage toons, an exhibition of animation memorabilia and the awards reception was held in a cupcake emporium. If I had to organise a festival it would be just like this one.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

little film, little film where have you been?

It was the first trip to London for Heartstrings today as part of the London Short Film Festival. It was in the Curzon Soho which surely means that the film will come back feeling all self important and successful having worked in Soho. I haven't told it yet that it will be going to the BFI soon. I don't want it wondering around the flat with a big head.
The festival has programmed it in the F*cked Up Love section. I'm not complaining, I'm very grateful to be part of it, but I'm not sure I understand why. I'm also not sure it's what the audience will be expecting. Maybe if it were the @#$%ed Up Love section and the reader could insert their own word...like Called or Summed... I would understand.
Even better if it were part of the Athashdollarpercent-ed Up Love programme. That'd be great, although, I suppose it would be hard to remember and print on the tickets.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

big news

During January the Knit'n'Purl shorts made with WONKY Films will be on rotation across the country on...

The closest one to me is Cardiff so I hope I chance across them in their giant form. I'd enjoy seeing them up there playing away whilst people with John Lewis shopping bags, Starbucks cups and iPhones walk past in ignorance.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

an extra sheepish post

I did, however, learn that Heartstrings is one of three finalists for 'Best Student Film' at the British Animation Awards 2010. Again I am suspicious of the similarity to a TV talent show and pray that my invitation to go to London doesn't include selling my soul to Simon Cowell. Even if it does, it's still amazing news.