Thursday, 1 April 2010

do imps have opposable thumbs?

This award arrived from Stoke Your Fires Festival of Animation. It's ceramic and has a little imp on top giving me the thumbs up…what's not to like? In amongst all the packing pellets was also a signed copy of the Animator's Survival Kit, the extended edition which I don't have. I feel sorry for my old copy as the new one is sat next to it smugly.
Heartstrings has been to LA. It was shown as part of a Flux Screening Programme at the Hammer Museum (founded by Dr. Armand Hammer, I kid you not) which is associated with UCLA. The new new OkGo video was shown and the band performed live after the screening. I say new new because strangely there is an old new video for the same song which I think I prefer. The cinema part of the Hammer Museum is the Billy Wilder Theater and its decor challenges the star lined ceiling of Chapter Cardiff. Watching Star Wars in there would be great! I hope Heartstrings stays out on tour for a while, there will be no living with it after this.
The amazing company I talked about in the last post is Partizan and I now have my own page on their website right above Michel Gondry. I suppose I should start being a bit professional now. Hmm…professionals usually have phones that do more than just phone people, this might be the place to start.