Thursday, 30 April 2009

little miss slow

Today was a slow day. I was slow to start and slow to animate.
26 seconds completed. I'm running behind the animatic by about 5 seconds which could stop me finishing in time if it continues.
I'm happy with how the eyes are working. I wasn't sure moving them around the head would work but it does and it also allows the head movements to be more subtle than if the eyes were fixed. I feared the heads would overwhelm the animation due to their size.
The eyelids are made from Fimo. I mixed the colour and then wrapped greaseproof paper around the buttons before sculpting the lids. I've made thin lids for normal eyes, half lids that work for smiling and frowning, and full lids for a blink, which are stuck to their own buttons.
To match them to the wool I made an imprint of an off cut of the material on a flat peice of Fimo. I then used that as a stamp for the eyelids.
The buttons were primed and sprayed with enamel. The fasteners on the back that are used to sew them to things, needed sawing off. I still have a wound on my finger from doing this 3 weeks ago. I then used Milliput to secure a small nail tack to each eye.

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